UDL 10th Anniversary New partners list announced

10.27.2022 News

This year, UDL marks its 10th birthday. On the 10th anniversary, we are proud to announce that SDL (STONES DESIGN Lab.) has officially joined UDL as the fourth partner team of UDL. Below is the list of UDL's latest partners: Ding Fan, Fang Jianping, Hu Keren, Liao Zicheng, Li Xiang and Xing Chen.

The changes in the society and business environment over the past decade have gradually made design an integral part. It also offers us the stage and energy to create with great enthusiasm. Meanwhile, it has also driven us to higher quality: It’s easy to design something different or new, but it's hard to bring about a design that leads to real change for the better.Our enthusiasm and energy come from such challenges. We have firmly chosen to work in small teams, and by expanding our multi-partner team, we have the chance to broaden our design horizons further and enhance our problem-solving skills while remaining focused. 

SDL was founded in 2012 by Li Xiang and Xing Chen. Since its inception, they have been active in the fashion and lifestyle industry, providing excellent design services to international top brands such as LOEWE, Maison Margiela and NIKE, as well as promoting Chinese local brands to the international stage. Their work has won numerous prestigious awards in China and worldwide and has made huge impact in design industry. They always value the function of design in the branding development, pay attention to Chinese design from the global perspective and keep working towards the goal.

UDL’s mission is reaffirmed and reinforced by this merger: United, believing in the power of collective and collaborative work; Design, focusing on design and continuing to lead the industry; and Lab, driving experimentation and innovation. We focus on the business of branding design and product design, providing design and consulting services to industries covering technology, fashion, beauty, personal care, and finance.

We have always emphasized the role of design in commercial business and our society. In addition, we also pay attention to its continuity, impact, and potential for innovation in the overall design and visual history. We expect our teams to work together in a collegial atmosphere. Through multi-disciplinary and multi-background team members, we address increasingly complex, pressing, and even far-reaching design issues, working together to cultivate a creative ground of encounter and risk-taking. We always work in pursuit of excellence.

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