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The Co-founder of United Design Lab, Dingfan & Fangjianping become the new member of Alliance Graphique Internationale.

“基于北京的设计师组合丁凡与方建平,是新一代中国先锋平面设计师的优秀代表。他们基础扎实、兴趣⼴泛、方法坚实、视野开阔。两人与其所带领的设计团队United Design Lab,深入参与复杂的当代中国城市文化领域。从内容生产到与生活空间,他们⼀直在多元领域坚定地进行⼴泛实验。这些生动的实践,正不不断地拓展平面设计这一生机勃勃的学科在当代中国的定义。”
by 蒋华

“Beijing-based designer duo Ding Fan and Fang Jianping is an outstanding representative of the new generation of Chinese pioneer graphic designers. They have solid foundations, wide range of interests, strong approaches and open minds. The duo and their design team, the United Design Lab, are deeply participated in the complex contemporary Chinese urban culture. From generating contents to spatial practicing , they have been steadfastly experimenting in extensive and diverse fields. These practices are constantly expanding the definition of graphic design as an invigorating discipline in contemporary China.”
by Jianghua

About AGI

Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) is a professional association of the world’s leading graphic artists and designers, with 509 elected members from 40 countries across the globe. Our mission is to promote practices of design through our annual conference as well as talks, partnerships, exhibitions, publications and educational pursuits.

AGI was founded in 1951, in Paris, and continues to uphold the values set out by its founders – the belief that graphic design is fundamental to how we communicate, educate and inform. As an organization, we remain unique – a place for growth and development, and a constant source of creative inspiration for members and non-members alike.

Membership is prestigious; AGI inducts new members annually, from single practitioners to partners in multinational agencies, whose expertise includes typography, graphic design, branding, self-publishing, design writing, way-finding, illustration, animation, experience design and many other creative pursuits that constitute visual communication. In 2017, we welcomed 31 practitioners including Sara de Bondt (Belgium), Dhali Zhang (China), István Horkay (Hungary), Selva Hernández López (Mexico) and Tnop Wangsillapakun (Thailand). Each designer was put forward by an existing member from their country, had their work reviewed by the international selection committee and was voted in. It is a rigorous process that ensures AGI’s continued dedication to ‘raising the aesthetic standard’ (Walter Allner, inducted 1962).





AGI in China Show 2018

The AGI was established in 1951 as a means of uniting the world’s leading creative talents in design, advertising, and illustration.
The AGI is a professional gathering, currently spanning five decades and consisting of 509 creative professionals from 40 countries.

作品名称:《AGI in China》
制作工艺: 青花釉彩 瓷盘
作品尺寸: 450mmx450mm

AGI是平面设计师的国际性平台。这个作品我希望是以中国设计师身份与大家的一次交流和沟通。作品将“AGI”的字母以青花釉彩的颜色印在瓷盘上,表达这次展览“AGI in China”的主题。这是一个词与物的游戏,词是符号,物是实在。建立和破坏它们的关联和秩序都是设计师乐此不疲的游戏吧。

Title: AGI in China
Medium: Blue and white porcelain
Dimensions: object: 450mmx450mm

As a Chinese designer, I present this work as a space for communication with designers from all over the world. Three cobalt-blue letters “AGI” set on a white ground potter dish, echoing with the theme of the exhibition - “AGI in China". It's a game of words and objects, in which words are symbols whereas objects are entities. As designers, we may all enjoy the game of establishing and deconstructing the associations and orders between them.



制作工艺: 艺术微喷
作品尺寸: 1000x1428mm


Title: Flying to China for AGI
Medium: Giclee print on paper
Dimension: Poster: 1000mmx1428mm

It seems to me that the most charming part of a trip is imagining the unknown future. With my mind filled with visions, I am looking forward to the upcoming event.
“Gazing at the sunny April sky, I am flying to China for the AGI exhibition.”
The poster could be endlessly continued by juxtaposing one to other, eventually to the length of a real aircraft.




UDL 815 Scheme: Issue 3





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